Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My New Lover er Computer

Yes, you've probably figured out by now that I have a lot of Love's in my life.  Here is one of my newest: My MacBook Pro!  That's right, I ditched my PC for a Mac and L-O-V-E it!!!  
Here are the things I love the most about it:
  1. iPhoto - so easy to upload, organize and find pictures
  2. Numbers - incredibly easy to organize my finances as well as track them with charts and categories. 
  3. iTunes - I've never used iTunes before, I always used Limewire, but will never go back!  iTunes is so fast and easy and I love how it organizes my music, with album art. 
  4. Safari - I stopped using Explorer when I started blogging because Explorer... Well, it just sucks.  I had been using Firefox, but Safari is much easier to navigate and much faster. 
  5. Speed - there are only 14 known viruses for Macs at the moment, unlike PCs which are susceptible to... Well, a lot more (I don't know the number.)  Therefore, Macs are much, much faster.
  6. Size - I travel for work about every 6 -8 weeks or so and lugging my 10+ laptop around, plus it's cords and everything else was not fun.  It made my back hurt and frankly, I just dreaded it.  My Mac weighs 4.5 pounds.  I carried it through the airport today and it was much, much more pleasant.  
  7. Battery - My battery lasts 7 hours!!! Yes, 7!  Traveling today, I was able to pull it out at multiple times to use it without pulling out the cord with it!  Those of you who travel a lot, especially for work, understand how wonderful that it.  
  8. Sleekness - You know me, things have to be cute! And this is cute!  So sleek, modern and hip looking.  Love walking around with it. :)
There are many more things that I love about this wonderful machine, but I will stop with my list there.  The only con to my Lover is the cost, you can definitely get a PC for half the price.  However, if anyone asked me before buying a PC, I would totally try to talk them into a Mac.  It was worth every cent!

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Priscila said...

oh I need one of these!!! :)
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