Friday, May 1, 2009

Goals for Summer 2009

Maybe if I write these down and publish them, I will actually achieve them... Probably not, but hey! It's worth a shot!
GOAL #1: Create Art
I am moving to a new apartment on June 1 and am determined to fully decorate this apartment (this will be my 8th apartment I've lived in since the begining of college) I always start to decorate, but after I've moved in and the excitement has worn off, I lose interest and move onto other projects. I have ideas for three art projects/wall hangings that I hope to have complete by mid June. I'll post pictures as I get them done.

GOAL #2: Start Scrapbooking again
I love pictures and I love the way scrapbooks look. When I was in high school, I made a scrapbook for every year, but once I went away to collage, I lost most of my storage space and therefore, lost interest in scrapbooking. My first scrapbooking project is going to be creating a scrapbook of Bryan's house renovation from start to finish, then I hope to create a book for each year again. I have research some new scrapbooking ideas/trends and have also researched cute/creative/functional ways to store/display scrapbook materials.

GOAL #3: Back-up all digitial photos
Yep, like I said, I love pictures, but my pictures are all stored on my computer, in a very unorganized fashion, with no back up. I plan to organize all of my photos into labeled digital folders and back them up on to CD's or jump drives and in the process create more space on my computer's hard drive.

GOAL #4: Plant some plants
I've never been a friend to plants, I tend to kill them rather quickly. I hope to change that this summer. I want to plant a couple of potted plants outside my new apartment and maybe ever plant some in Bryan's new yard. I love the way plants look and hopefully with a little practice I can turn my thumb green.

GOAL #5: Plan out meals I'm horrible with this, I never plan out what I am going to eat and therefore end up either eating crap or eating out. With moving back to Mount Vernon in the near future and the fact that the only grocery store in town is extremely over-priced, I am going to start planning out my meals and hopefully save some money in the process. If anyone knows of any good/healthy cookbooks, please let me know!