Friday, February 13, 2009

Louisville, Kentucky

As many of you know, this past May I started a new job with Highway Equipment Company where I am the marketing coordinator. Part of my job entails traveling across the country for trade shows. This past week I was in Louisville, Kentucky for the National Farm Machinery show. We were pretty busy so I didn't have much spare time to do any sight seeing, however, I did attend my first tractor pull!! Those of you who know me probably think it's pretty funny that I was at an actual tractor pull, but I had so much fun!! I would definately go to another one! The best is when the tractors get going really fast and the sound litterally shakes your whole insides. (We were definately wearing ear plugs!) Spectators got really into the "colors" of the tractors (for those of you who are not farm-oriented, people are very loyal to their "color" of tractor... John Deere green vs CaseIH red vs Ag-Chem gold, etc. etc.)
Next trip on the agenda will be this upcoming Wednesday (also my 26th birthday) when Bryan and I head to Phoenix for a fun trip to see his brother as well as some of his friends. Ah! Warmer weather!!!!