Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mother of All Make Overs: The Outside After

So - I am going to let the after pictures speak for themselves :).  Stay tuned, my goal is to have the entire house posted this week, trust me, you don't want to miss the inside. 

South side of the house - no more rotting siding!!
East side / back of the house - fully covered with siding

A quaint little porch is now on the front

Mother of All Make Overs: The Outside After

Looking to the south
Back yard, the tree right in front of me is actually a cherry tree!!! So pretty in the spring and the cherries make great pies.
Back corner of the lot
Looking to the east
Side yard

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mother of All Make Overs: The Outside

First off, sorry it was like two and a half weeks between posts... Right after I posted last, I hit the road for work with back to back trips and then threw being in a friend's wedding in there as well - it's been a busy month to say the least! Anyway, I wanted to get started with what I am calling "the Mother of All Make Overs."

In February Bryan decided to buy a house from his parents. His parents had bought the house in December with the intention of flipping it and renting it, but the more they worked on it, the more Bryan liked it and the more it became clear that it would be the perfect starter home (for him, not me, I still have my own apartment.)

When they started working on this house, saying it was rough would have been extremely nice. This house was worse than a sh*thole. It was disgusting, there was stuff growing in it and living things roaming around. Let me make this clear though - there were people living in the house up until the day possession switched!

The first pictures I am going to show you are the befores of the outside of the house. We hauled out 9 truck loads of heavy limestone, 12 truckloads of brush (packed down), cut down 19 trees and over 20 bushes... When I say "hauled out" I mean we removed from the back yard and moved to a friend's farm. Yeah. I had lots of blisters by the time this was done and we were all extremely sore - the best work out you could ever ask for!

Anyway, enjoy the befores!
East side/back of the house...

Front door

The gutter situation

Front of the house, lovely red color :)

Another view of the side yard

South side of the attached garage