Monday, October 12, 2009

Introducing Jack Daniel aka "JD"

So, I finally won the battle of getting a puppy!!! :)  After months of BEGGING and quite frankly annoying the living hell out of Bryan, we picked up our 12 week old puppy on Friday afternoon: JD, which is short for Jack Daniel - Bryan's favorite thing in the world (next to me of course.)
We had a great first weekend at home with him, he is doing great with potty training, 85% of the time he will go to a door and bark when he needs to go out. Hallelujah! He is also doing very well with crate training, he didn't like being in there the first night, but by Sunday, he was going back to his kennel just to take a nap with the door open! It just warms a mother's heart! :)  

JD also met mom and dad's dog Sadie this weekend.  Sadie does not like other dogs and proceeded to show her teeth everytime JD got too close.  But Sadie is such a froo-froo dog that it was more funny than anything.  He also met Bryan's parent's dog Maggie.  Maggie is a pit-bull/terrier/beagle/boxer mix and VERY territorial.  She decided to claim all of JD's toys as her own and not let JD near them.  She snarled at him a few times which caused me to freak out and Bryan to laugh.  They'll be good friends though once the whole territorial thing has been established.  Which is good, cause we're going to need puppy-sitters! 

JD also met our cat Wrigley this weekend.  Wrigley has never encountered a dog that was not afriad of him, so he's not really sure what to make of this dog who is not intimidated by him at all... JD thinks Wrigley is there solely for him to chase... Which is pretty entertaining to Bryan and I for now, but we should probably break him of this.  

I'll post some more pictures of JD as he gets bigger, at 12 weeks he weighed in at 18 pounds!!! He is going to be a moose, his paws and ears are gi-normous!


Heaather said...

JD is such a cutie! I love that puppy fuzzy face look. Dogs are great additions to the family. Enjoy!


Jo said...

We have a chocolate lab that is now 10months and she weights 80lbs :) she is ENORMOUS. Her paws were so huge when she was smaller, if you looked just at her paws you would think she was full grown. I LOVE HER!!!!!!! She looked exactly like JD when she was smaller :) Good luck!

PS if you go to my blog her baby picture is our header!!!