Friday, October 16, 2009

Life with Puppy: Week One

We survived our first week with our puppy!  Bryan said  to me today "I think you should get paternity leave when you get a puppy!"  That would be nice... Doubt that will ever happen though. 

I think the first week went pretty good though!  Potty training is going... OK.  I thought it was going well at the beginning.  At first, he would go to the back door and bark if he needed to go out, which I thought was just amazing!  However, he has since figured out that he really doesn't like cold and rain (which we've had a lot of lately) and therefore, finds it much easier to just pee wherever he might be standing, which is most often a carpeted area.  So, we've got to get him broke of that, I'll let you know how that goes.  We only had one major accident this week and that was because we tried leaving him in his kennel for 9 straight hours - not a good idea at all!  Our wonderful parents have offered to come over on their lunch hours though to let him out until he gets older so we don't have to deal with a smelly mess and batheing him every night - thanks Parentals!!!

So far he hasn't chewed anything of extreme importance.  I learned VERY fast to pick up my shoes as well as my purse - anything is fair game to him!  He loves his squeaky toys as well as any type of bone.  We started putting peanut butter in his Kong, however, I don't think that is agreeing with him tummy, so that has stopped for the time being.  He and the cat are developing a love hate relationship - JD loves to chase Wrigley and therefore, Wrigley hates JD.  However, we did see Wrigley try to play with JD once this week, but that was before JD caught him in his mouth... Poor kitty.

He is not quite sleeping through the night yet which is making for two very tired masters.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that it is coming soon though!  He loves sleeping in our bed with us and we've made the mistake of letting him in the moring between his 5 a.m. potty break and when we get up.  Now he thinks if he barks long enough, we'll let him up.  So that too has stopped. 

Even thought we're tired and a little frustrated with the potty training, Bryan and I LOVE having him around.  He is so funny to watch and has such a little doggie personality!  We start puppy classes on November 3rd, hopefully he'll be the smartest kid in the class. :)  I'll give you guys another update when there is something more to report on that his bathroom habits.

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