Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where did March Go?

What a busy month!! I traveled to Orlando, Florida the first weekend in March for a trade show for one of my company's lines... I dreaded the trip as I do all business trips, but it actually ended up being a great time! The show hours were not very grueling at all which allowed for plenty of relaxation time, including time by the pool. The recent time change also allowed more time at the pool after the shows since it was light longer at night. We also ate at some awesome restaurants, which, you know me, food can make or break a trip!!! :)

I got back from Orlando on Friday the 13th (sidenote: flying on Friday the 13th is a little scary...) I literally got off the plane, hopped in the shower and picked Bryan up at work and we headed to Des Moines for a weekend with some friends. We first met up with his friend and college roomate Brody at Micky's off Hickman. It was Brody and I's first time meeting and he is a great, fun, hilarious guy. We had so much fun with him the entire weekend and he really made me feel "welcome" in his and Bryan's little warped world. Later that night we met up with my college roomie and close friend Tristan. With in two minutes of seeing each other, Tristan asked me to be in her wedding which will take place on May 22, 2010. Needless to say, I said yes!
Sidenote: If you know me, you know how I like to bitch about being a bridesmaid. However, I should clarify that it is simply the cost that gets to be annoying. That and not having control over what I am going to wear as I am ver particular. However, the fact that I have had four friends who think so highly of me that they chose ME to stand up with them on their special day, means the world. Plus, it's always kind of fun being apart of the wedding party, it almost feels like you're a celebrity for the day, even if it is only in front of like 200 other people. :)
Anyway, back to our trip. Bryan and I stayed one night with Tristan at her and Billy's cute new house and got to play with their cats. (Stay tuned for my next blog about the impact of the cats.) Saturday night we went out to dinner with Tristan and her friend Jess, who was a blast and then Brody met up with us and we all ended up at the Piano bar.
Later on that evening, Bryan and I's friend Burge met up with us too... Burge is always a trip. :) It was a great trip and a lot of fun, very tired when we got back!!!

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