Friday, March 27, 2009

Summerset Winery

While at the end of our trip to Des Moines, Bryan, Brody and I made a trip to Summerset Winery in Summerset, Iowa which is near Indianola. Now, I am not a huge wine person at all, I prefer beer straight from the bottle, but this wine is delicious!!! It's very easy to drink a bottle all by yourself and not even realize it. (Yes, I have made that mistake, on a week night and work was not very fun the next day...)
Ron Mark is the owner and he has pioneered the grape growing industry in Iowa. Grape production and wine making are two of the fastest growing industries in Iowa, which I did not know until this trip. There are actually numerous winery and vineyards in Iowa, but from what I hear, none of them stack up to Summerset. (Sorry if you disagree, I am going solely off of word of mouth here!)
Ron and his wife are always milling around the winery and love talking to patrons. Ron even took a group of us down stairs to see where the wine is made and talked a lot about the business. He even let us sample some wine that won't be available for awhile. :)
Between Bryan and I while we were there, we bought 18 bottles to bring back with us! Summerset wine is sold in some stores, as you get closer to Des Moines it is easier to find. As far as I know in the Cedar Rapids area I think you can find it at a few Hy-Vees and also at Basket Bowtique. But, there are only limited flavors, so we needed to stock up. :)
Here is a link to their web site Summerset Winery, if you get a chance to go, I would highly reccomend it! I know Bryan and I are planning a few more trips there this summer, so maybe we'll see you there!

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Evster said...

Katie! You HAVE HAVE HAVE to come visit in the summer. We always go there on Sundays, bring a picnic and a DD and relax with wine. Every sunday they have live music and it is my heaven...truely! I was so excited to invite you, I couldn't read your entry fast enough!! I love ya cuz and can't wait to share one of my heavenly sundays with you... and Bry too of course!