Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Review

I will probably get stoned to death by Twi-hards for saying this, but I thought the first Twilight movie was horrible!  I am not sure why they didn't put more money into it to make it a better film, with the following that the book series has, any person with a pulse and a half a brain would know that Summit Entertainment would make their money back ten-fold.

Thankfully, Summit put their money where their mouth is for the sequel, New Moon.  I will admit, I was one of the crazy fans in line for the midnight showing last night... Not because I was just DYING to see the movie, but it just sounded like something fun to do.  (The next day at work?  Not so fun.)  

The movie was of course cheesy and sappy at times but the two male leads were easy on the eyes and this installation of the Twilight series provided some comic relief at just the right points in the movie.  I thought there could have been more fireworks between Edward and Bella, just didn't sense the passion that they seemed to have in the books but I was happy that the acting seemed far less awkward than the last movie.

Overall?  Two thumbs up!  Probably won't see it in the theater again, but because I am a nerd, I will probably buy the DVD. :)  

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