Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Tree Part Duex

Your eyes do not deceive you, yes, that is a different Christmas tree than we originally had.  Here's the story:

This is my first Christmas with a cat.  In all fairness, Bryan did try to warn me that Wrigley would think the tree is a giant toy.  But I have had dogs in the past who messed with the tree and even had one pull the tree on top of them, so I thought "Oh, it won't be THAT bad..."

I was wrong.

So very wrong.

We put the tree up on a Saturday afternoon and then left that evening to go to a movie. Upon our return, Bryan opened the door, closed it, looked at me and said. "You should probably just stay out here."  I pushed my way past him to find EVERY ordainment, candy cane, snow flake and even the star on the TOP of the tree was now scattered all over the living room floor.  You could even see where he had JUMPED to the top of the tree to get more ordainments.

 I hit the roof.


 I was threatening to take him back to the shelter, I was SO mad!  Bryan calmed me down (that's the short version of that portion of the drama) and the next day we put the tree back together and began putting Wrigley in the back room when we couldn't watch him. (With his litter, food and water of course... That didn't matter, he still meowed up a storm while he was in there.)

This strategy worked for a few days, but we left for a week-long trip to Phoenix that Wednesday and so he couldn't be locked in the back room while we were gone.  So the tree got locked in the back room.  As you can imagine, moving a tree to the back of the house caused the decorations to get just as messed up as when Wrigley attacked the tree.  

The whole reason behind putting an artificial tree up was so that it would last 5 weeks. (We put it up the weekend before Thanksgiving because we were in Phoenix until the 30th and I didn't want to deal with putting it up when we got home.)

 Well, deal with it I did.  Since I already had to re-decorate my tree, we went out and got a real one, something I never had as a kid but Bryan did have and loved.  I have to admit, I love how much taller it is.  It's not the fullest, but next year we'll spend more time picking it out.

 As for Wrigely and the new tree... Well, stay tuned, I have a good story about that too. :)

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