Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Officially Old...

So, last Thursday night (April 23rd) Bryan and I went to Iowa City to the Iowa Memorial Union for a Dierks Bently concert. The IMU as most of you know is on the U of I campus, so, as expected there were lots of college kids at this concert, probably about 80% college aged kids.
So, walking up to the concert, I immediately felt old watching all the 19 year olds strutting around in their cute barely-there outfits since it was the first nice day in about a month and a half. However, I must say, I don't think I ever wore anything that skimpy.
So, there we are, standing in line with a bunch of kids, wearing basically what we wore to work because neither of really cared what we looked like. All of a sudden this cute little cupcake taps me on the shoulder and says "Ma'am, can you please take our picture?"
MA'AM!?!? Am I that old now that I am called Ma'am!? Until that point, I had always thought that I could still pass for someone in college. I think I look pretty young, I take pretty good care of myself, I don't fake bake in order to avoid wrinkles. Even though I was dressed in jeans, flip flops and a plain white tshirt, I thought I still looked half way cute, I mean, it was a nice white tshirt from Express. Not like Hanes or anything. Bryan at this point is just cracking up.
So, we get into the concert, which is a standing room only concert, and there are these two twenty-somthing year old boys in front of us, completely hammered. The one is trying to keep his friend from wandering off and in the process, they start wrestling around. I let them step on my feet a couple of times before I had had enough. I looked at the one who was trying to corral his friend and said "Look, I know you want your friend to stay here, but I don't appreciate my feet getting stomped on. So if you're going to wrestle, can you please take it outside?" He looked at his friend and said "Dude, you gotta calm down, this lady just yelled at me."
Fabulous. Now I am the lady that yells at the drunk kids. I used to be these kids!!!
In my defense, I think I would have said something to those boys had I been their age, no girl wants their toes stepped on.
By the time we left the concert, I have to say I was a little depressed. In recent months I have traded in my all weekend drinking binges for quiet weekends watching movies, working out and sleeping late. I no longer go out for a couple of drinks during the week because I don't like being tired at work the next day. I am now no longer concerned about having enough money to go out on the weekend, but more concerned about saving money to buy some new furniture. I could care less about looking cute on the weekends unless we have some where specific we're going. Make up and picking out clothes require far too much effort, I would rather stay in my comfy clothes all day and skip the make up. I am not quite sure when all of these changes took place, but after Thursday, I finally accepted that my early 20's have in fact been over for well over a year now and I am closer to being 30 than I am 20.

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Adrienne said...

You are not are just getting older and wiser. Just part of "growing up." You can still go out. Sometimes it is better to stay home and you are with someone that makes it earier to stay home and spend time with them. It would be fun to go out with you again sometime, if you do go out.