Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Because my life is not crazy/hectic enough, I decided to take on a second job waitressing/bartending recently!  I waitressed/bartended for 4+ years in college and shortly after and always loved it.  The money is great and I just love socializing with both the regulars and newbies.  Recently, B & I went to this little bar called Shuey’s in this little town called Shueyville (near where we live).  I fell in love!  I overheard them say they were hiring, so I filled out an application and started the next week.  It’s just a couple of nights a week, which is perfect because I work full-time (and more) during the day.  But it’s so awesome having a little bit of extra cash (hellooooo shopping!) and getting to meet some new people.  It truly is fun for me and I thoroughly enjoy it!

So if you’re ever near Shueyville, stop in for the best tenderloin you’ve EVER had and a cold one!

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