Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Goals for Summer: One Month Down

So, I thought I'd give you all a little update on how I'm doing with my goals one month into summer. (FYI, I consider summer to be the months of June, July and August, so I have until the end of August to get these done.)
Goal #1: Create Art
I am happy to say I've actually done this one!!! Quite a bit of it too... In fact, my dad the other day said to me "When did you become so crafty??" I took it as a compliment. Ideally I would put pictures of the art I have created here, but it's not all done... One of the projects I did I am going to completely re-do, another is almost finished and the final one... Well, I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures. Soon though, I promise!
Goal #2: Start Scrapbooking Again
Well, my first scrapbook project is going to be a before and after book of Bryan's new house. The house isn't finished yet, so I don't feel like I can start yet. I want to have all the pictures I am going to use before I begin. His house-warming party is tentively set for August 8th, so it will need to be done by then!!!
Goal #3: Back-up Digital Pictures
Haven't even thought about it... I still have two months.
Goal #4: Plant some Plants
Haven't done this one either, however, my house warming party is in less than two weeks, so I might try to get it done before then. If I don't, I might scrap it for the year because then it's kind of late in the season. In my defense, we had a REALLY cool spring, then all of a sudden it jumped from like 60* to 100* within a week and now, three days before the Fourth of July, it's 63* at this very second. Not much time to get into the gardening mood.
Goal #5: Plan out Meals
I am very proud to say that I've been doing pretty good with this one!!! Bryan and I have cut WAAYY down on how much we eat out and I've been going grocery shopping once a week. It's helped my wallet too, however, that's just fueled my shopping addiction.
Be sure to check back, I will hopefully have pictures of my new place after this weekend!!!

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